I was given a list of computers with their current IP address & MAC address.  They needed to know which of these computers on this list had a DHCP reservation.  The list was about 150 computers.  I wasn't about to look up each of these in DHCP manually.  So after some searching I found a way to dump all the reservations into a spreadsheet.  Here's how I accomplished this.

I logged into the DHCP server and ran the following command (from a cmd prompt):

netsh dhcp server dump >> C:\Temp\DHCPinfomation.txt

This command gave me a text file with all the information in the DHCP database.  There's a lot of information here and all I wanted was the reservations.  I found each reservation had the following text in the line "Add reservedip".  Each line looks something like this:

Dhcp Server \\dhcpservername.fqdn Scope Add reservedip 0021b7c0075a "reservation name" "description here" "BOTH"

From a command prompt I then used the find.exe command to display only the lines with "Add reservedip" in it with this command.

Find "Add reservedip" DHCPinformation.txt

I then copied those lines into another text file.  I then imported the text file into Excel and I used space as a delimiter.  So each field would be in it's own column.

From there it was copying the MAC and IP address out a new sheet and then copying the MAC from the original list I wanted to compare against to it's own sheet and then I used a vlookup in excel to find the ones MAC addresses that existed in both sheets. I'm not excel guru so it's hard for me to step by step how I accomplished this but if you google search you can find how it works.