So I had an in house written application that wouldn't launch correctly on a Server 2008 R2 Terminal Server.  It kept throwing an error about a dll.  I had registered it multiple times already by launching command prompt and using regsvr32 filename.dll.

I downloaded RegDLLView just to make sure it was registered.  It was registered however I noticed that the dll only had 1 system entry registered and 3 user entries!  I had never known that dlls had system and user entries!

So how do you register a dll with system entries and not user entries?  I did alot of googling and was unable to find anything but I did manage to figure it out!


When I launched command prompt I was launching as Administrator.  I found that when I did this it would register the dll with user entries.

I did a start > run > cmd & enter and registered again and it registered my dll with 4 system entries!