Who has seen Error 0xc000000e while booting windows and it fails to start?  I got this error today and was able to repair!

I removed a boot hard disk from a VM today and mounted it to another so I could delete some files that I couldn't because certain apps had them open.

When I mounted the VMDK back to the original VM that VM wouldn't boot!  I was getting the following error.

So, how did I fix it?

I booted from a Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 ISO and chose the repair option.  I chose the command prompt and took at look at Boot Configuration Data like so.

Notice under the Windows Boot Loader the device is "unknown".  This normally says partition=C:.

I ran the StartRep.exe from X:\sources\recovery.  Like so:

VOILA!  When it completed Windows booted successfully!